Nature’s gift for those suffering from scalp allergy

Seborrheic dermatitis is the ailment that mainly affects the scalp. In extreme cases it can lead to scaly patches that look like dandruff, and redness of the scalp. This allergy can also affect the face, side of the nose, eyebrows, ears, eyelids and chest. It is mainly caused due to harsh reaction to chemicals in shampoos, hair dyes and other hair care products. It can also be due to dryness of hair.

There is a tendency to scratch or pick at the affected area, which should be avoided at any cost. When you scratch the scalp, it exposes the skin underneath, exposing more area to infection. An over-the-counter antifungal shampoo may help in easing the symptoms but it will not treat the root cause. A healthy well balanced diet, rich in vitamins and iron is ideal to make the scalp healthy. However it is also important to nourish the scalp directly with rich products. Avoiding extensive use of styling products for hair is the key to having a healthy scalp.

Mentioned below are some haircare products that can help if you suffer from any kind of scalp-related allergy:

Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Oil

With the goodness of tea tree oil and ginger oil, this oil directly nourishes the scalp by penetrating the roots and unclogging scalp build up. Tea tree oil is also known for its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that help in getting rid of scalp build up which is the primary cause of itchy head. This product claims to be free of toxins, parabens and any sort of harmful chemicals.

Surya Brasil EcoSilver Henna

A product of Surya Brasil, a Brazilian company that makes products with herbs brought right from the Amazonian rainforests, EcoSilver Henna is natural, organic, vegan and chemical free. Available in various colors like black, brown, burgundy, it is a reconstructive process for gray hair. It is the perfect alternative to chemical laden hair dyes. Most importantly, this henna hair mask nourishes the hair and scalp, reducing the effect of allergens.

Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This shampoo is made of 1% ketoconazole, that binds to the hair’s natural protein to kill the dandruff and helps relieve itchy and flaky scalp. Dandruff and itchy scalp is caused when scalp cells regenerate at a faster rate and the scalp is unable to manage it. Thus it needs a treatment.This shampoo can be used in combination with regular shampoo and conditioner, or in extreme cases as a substitute to shampoo.

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Though most of us know about the weight management benefits of apple cider vinegar, it has many other uses as well. Applying apple cider vinegar on the scalp, and allowing it time to soak the nutrients will help in loosening the scales on the scalp. It can then be washed off with regular water. Apple cider vinegar is known to lessen the inflammation and flare up of itchy scalp.

Plum Hello Aloe just gel

Aloe vera is another magical plant that has multiple benefits. It is not just good for skin but for hair too. It hydrates the scalp, and calms the itchiness while conditioning the hair. Though it doesn’t feel too heavy on the hair, it is even easier to wash it off under running water.

In the long run, avoid chemical laden styling products, eat a healthy diet, and wash your hair with a mild shampoo. If all these natural remedies don’t work then immediately seek doctor’s advice, because it is important to manage the symptoms before they go out of hand.



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