Types Of Couples – Which One Is You?

Couples often wonder how theirrelationship is working out. Is it good, bad, normal, unique or quite like the same as other couples? Well, based on surveys, psychologists have identified several different types of couples. If you want to know which type you are, here’s a quick overview of the different types of couples.

Couple-cum-friends: Some couples are friends and partners in the same package. Both enjoy being together and are each other’s world. They may have a social circle, but they don’t really need others to be happy. They can be happy and comfortable in each other’s company and spend a lot of time together. They trust each other almost blindly and are aware of what the other person needs.

Always fighting couples: Some couples have a habit of getting into arguments and fights, which is often over trivial issues. It seems that they enjoy such fights and it becomes an integral part of their relationship. However, things normalize after every fight when the tempers cool down. Psychologists say that fights among couples is normal and can help release pent-up emotions. However, if everyday arguments and fights escalate to physical abuse, then it may be a sign of deteriorating relationship.

PDA couples: These couples don’t mind canoodling in public places. It appears that public display of affection (PDA) gives these couples a unique type of thrill and excitement. While PDA is considered normal in many countries, there may be regions where PDA is frowned upon. PDA may give the impression that the couple shares a strong relationship. However, psychologists say that there is no link between PDA and healthy relationship.

Office couples:Cupid can strike anywhere and offices are not immune to flourishing relationships. However, as PDA in office is usually not allowed, these couples wait for work hours to end. Some people in the team may know about theirrelationship, but it’s usually a hush-hush affair to avoid any conflict with office rules and professional commitments.

Childhood couples: These are couples who have been together since school or college days. Even after several years have passed, they continue to share a strong bond and have not lost interest in each other.

The forever couples: Some couples believe that they have been together in all their previous lives and that destinyalways brings them together. These couples usually believe that they can never be separated and their relationship will last forever. However, psychologists say that such thoughts are wishful thinking more than anything else.

It is possible that you may not belong to any of these categories. Or you may have things in common across various categories. Irrespective of which category you belong, the important thing is that you should feel happy in your relationship. You should feel loved and find your life to be meaningful. As long as these basic things are fulfilled, you can be assured that your relationship is strong and is likely to mature further in the years to come.

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