Which Is Most Expensive Domain Name?

For online presence, a good domain name is one of the key requirements. Finding the right one can be really tough, as most good domain names are already taken. A good domain name is preferably of one word, relevant to the target audience and easy to remember. Most of these domain names are already in use or parked. The latter can cost you thousands of dollars. It makes us wonder as to which is the costliest domain name. Well, based on deals known in public, here are some of the costliest domain names (.com) ever purchased.

Voice – This domain name was sold for $30 million in 2019. As of now, the site works as a marketplace for artists, sculptors, photographers, painters, graphic designers, etc. Anyone with talent and something of value can use the platform to connect with buyers. Voice is a great place for creators to earn money.

PrivateJet – The deal for privatejet domain name was executed in 2012. It was valued at $30.1 million. The domain currently does not have an active website hosted on it. It is possible that it may be available for sale. Or someone may have already purchased it and planning to launch their website soon. The domain has been active since 1998 and hosted different websites over the years. Most of these worked as a platform to charter a business jet.

VacationRentals – The last known deal for this domain name was in 2007. It was valued at $35 million. As of now, vacationrentals redirects to ‘vrbo’ website. This appears to be a rebranding exercise. Vacationrentals sounds like a generic name, which may not appeal to the users. This may have prompted the company to change the name to something quirkier such as ‘vrbo’. Vacationrentals domain first became active in 1999.

Insurance – The last known deal for Insurance domain name was in 2010. It was purchased for $35.6 million. The domain hosted an active website for the first time in 1998. In its current form, the site allows users to compare and find the best insurance plans. It covers various types of insurance such as auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance and life insurance.

CarInsurance – This deal was executed in 2010 for $49.7 million. It is the costliest domain name purchase ever. As apparent by the name, CarInsurance helps users find the best car insurance deals available in their area. The domain name is being actively used since 1997.

It is apparent that not all domain name transactions are available in public. Some clients like to keep a low profile and may have chosen not to disclose the details of their domain name purchase. It is possible that some domain name deals may be valued higher than the ones mentioned above.

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