Why It’s Good To Talk to Your Partner about Your Ex

It’s a general perception that discussing your past relations with your partner is counterproductive. However, this line of thought may not apply to every couple. As a matter of fact, discussing your ex with your partner can actually boost your ongoing relationship. Let’s take a look at some specificreasons, as to why talking to your partner about your ex can be healthy and beneficial for your existing relationship.

Shows you have moved on: When you discuss your past relations with your partner, it clearly shows that you have moved on and are focused on your new journey. It shows that you are not carrying any baggage of the past or ghosts that may come to haunt you. Such communication will definitely help boost your existing relationship with your partner.

Shows that you trust your partner: When you discuss your ex with your partner, it shows that you trust them. It demonstrates that you have full faith in them and they will not be offended about your past. It shows you are confident that it would not affect your present relationship in any manner. It works the other way as well, wherein your partner also trusts you fully. The fact that you are sharing your life secrets with your partner reveals that they have complete faith in you.

You won’t repeat your mistakes or choose wrongly: Discussing your past shows that you have learned from your mistakes and are highly unlikely to repeat them. It reveals that you have emerged as a strong and mature person, even though you may have been naive once. This information would be useful for your partner. They would know what you may have gone through and how you faced and overcame the demons of the past.

Encourages open communications:The human mind is prone to negativities such as envy, jealously, hatred, suspicion, etc. In most cases, these negativities occur due to lack of proper communications. If you talk freely to your partner about your ex, it would eliminate the negativities that your partner may have developed. It would encourage open communications, which will boost your relationship with your partner.

If you are planning to discuss your past with your partner, you need to choose an appropriate time for the same. It would be difficult to say exactly when, but it would be a time when your existing relationship has become stronger. It could be a day when both of you have adequate free time and are looking forward to some meaningful conversations. It would be the time when you are feeling blessed in your present relationship and just want to share some old stories with your partner.

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