Actor Raajveer Sharma is a Powerhouse of Tremendous Talent – Actress Yukta Sharma

Actor Raajveer Sharma is in the limelight these days, every day some or the other news about him remains in the headlines of the media. Recently the shooting of his upcoming music album ‘Apni Mohabbat’ has been completed. In his music album, a song written by Saurabh Tiwari (Joint Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat), a senior officer of the Government of India, has been taken. This song has been taken from Saurabh Tiwari’s book ‘Anaayas Hi’.

According to the news, the first poster of this song will be released soon. Right from the time of its shooting, this song has been making headlines in the media and there is a lot of buzz among the public. Many big names are being associated with this song and its music is also to be released soon. The lead actor of this song is Raajveer Sharma and Yukta Sharma, she is also in the limelight these days.

Significantly, Yukta Sharma is looking very beautiful in the poster and also in her photo released so far, her pair with Raajveer Sharma is looking very beautiful. When our correspondent contacted actress Yukta Sharma, she spoke openly about the excitement and experience she got from this music album. According to Yukta Sharma, Filmgiants Pvt.Ltd. Company had seen some of her videos and pictures from her Instagram page.

Then she was called to Delhi’s office for the detailed information about the song ‘Apni Mohabbat’. Where her look was tested as per the character. Then she met actor Raajveer Sharma who gave detailed information about the song and the people associated with it. She also said that I was very happy to hear that so many big names are involved in this song.

Mr. Saurabh Tiwari is a big name in his own right and actor Raajveer Sharma is a Powerhouse of tremendous talent, meeting whom I am sure that this song is going to be a huge hit. working with Raajveer on the set is a tremendous experience which will be reflected in our song.

I saw Raajveer Sharma act in some clips of his film ‘Ruslaan’ which further convinced me that I am going to join a big and reliable company as an actor. Which will surely give a boost to my career. Raajveer also pampered me on sets.

When I met Mr. Saurabh Tiwari on the sets who is himself acting in this song, I was completely convinced that this is a tremendous project.

Apart from this song, Filmgiant’s company is producing many other web series , films. Also emerging as the biggest company in Delhi. According to Yukta Sharma she is under the contract with filmgiants for a few more songs and her shooting is going to start soon.

According to our correspondent, when he asked this to Yukta, Raajveer Sharma is in limelight these days and many controversies have been added to his film ‘Ruslaan’. What do you have to say on this, actress Yukta Sharma said that I have seen Raajveer Sharma’s film “Ruslaan’ sitting with him which is a very good film. The trailers that have been released recently for Ayush Sharma’s film are also looking nice. But there should be no comparison of both the films because both are good at their place.

And the dispute is all about the title of the film, which should be settled soon by both the producers so that the film of either of them is not affected, I cannot say anything more than this.

As of now I am very excited about my upcoming music album ‘Apni Mohabbat’ and we are busy promoting it. I am sure this song is going to be a huge hit, the kind of promotion and media campaigning that is going on, we hope that the public will take this song with their hands and this song is going to make the grand mark on the listeners.

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