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Hackers Are Laying Siege to Critical Manufacturing: Here’s How to Fight Back

Maintaining, supporting, and protecting critical manufacturing processes is vital for the proper functioning of our society and economy. It is almost impossible to imagine life without the robust and continuous production of essential products, from automobiles and chemicals to clothing and electronics. While many of us take this provision for granted, cyber attackers understand how dependent we are on them ... Read More »

How Unique Is Your Face?

Facial recognition technology has come a long way. It has emerged as one of the preferred means to authenticate one’s identity. In most scenarios, facial recognition is being treated at par with other authentication modes such as PIN, password and fingerprint. Facial recognition is also being used extensively at public places like airports, border check points, banks, etc. to ensure ... Read More »

Why Choose Cross-Platform App Development?

Mobile apps are one of the most preferred promotional tools. They are being used extensively for a variety of tasks that seek to register the highest quality of user engagement. Everyone from businesses to universities and colleges, restaurants, government agencies, healthcare centers and almost every other entity with a sizable customer base has already invested in app development. Users prefer ... Read More »

Microsoft Office Vs. Apple iWork – Which Is Better?

When it comes to operating systems and productivity software, there is no matching the dominance of Microsoft. The company has many firsts to its credit, which explains why it is the industry leader. In office software segment, Microsoft currently has market share of over 40%. However, things are evolving fast, with growing preference for cloud-based solutions. In recent years, Apple ... Read More »

7 Coolest Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Try On Your Own

Introduced for the first time in February 2012, Raspberry Pi has come a long way in its journey. It is now much more advanced, something that allows users a lot more ground to play. Of course, you can use it as a computer, but there’s scope for a lot more. If you like to try new things, Raspberry Pi can ... Read More »

Mitigating Ransomware is Not Simple and We Recommend a 4-Layer Protection

One of the biggest challenges for Chief Information Security Officers (CIO) today is preventing Ransomware attacks that have been increasing day by day. Ransomware attacks cause huge damage to organizations. Ransomware attacks have become one of the primary cyber threats to organisations today. The attacks have been growing to become more sophisticated and a big challenge to organizations. Today, any ... Read More »

Artificial Intelligence “A Double Edge Sword”

The episode goes back to the 90s when IBM achieved a significant milestone when they were able to build a program that can beat “Gary Kasparov” who used to be a world chess champion. Clearly, it’s the intelligence displayed by machines rather than living creatures. This artificial intelligence is the discipline of science and engineering for building intelligent machines that ... Read More »

Top 10 Hidden Features On iPhone 14

Every version of iOS packs in several new features and the latest iOS 14 is no different. While you may have already explored several of the new features, you will be surprised to know that there are several exciting features that are embedded deep within. These are not visible in the main setting menu. To get the best from your ... Read More »