Director, Aparana S Hosing releases official trailer of the documentary film “Aastha Ek Vishwas”

Director, Aparana S Hosing releases the official trailer of the documentary film “Aastha Ek Vishwas”, showcasing the inspirational story of a 35-year-old girl named Aastha, who has been fighting against osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. The documentary sheds light on Aastha’s journey of overcoming the challenges posed by her condition, which causes her bones to fracture easily. After the release of the trailer Ashtha got lots of support from doctors and medical companies.

The film captures Aastha’s struggle and determination, as she faces the daily challenges of living with her rare genetic disorder, and the support she receives from her mother and colleagues. Despite the difficulties she faces, Aastha manages to work as a Graphic Designer and 3D Visualizer and has been able to complete various projects to the satisfaction of her clients.

The director and producer of the documentary, Aparana S Hosing, has portrayed Aastha’s story in an inspirational way that captures the viewer’s attention and admiration. The documentary highlights the importance of education, support, and medical attention for individuals with rare genetic disorders like osteogenesis imperfecta.

The trailer release of “Aastha Ek Vishwas” has generated a positive response from the public, who have expressed their admiration for Aastha’s strength and determination. The documentary is set to be released soon and is expected to inspire and motivate people across the country.

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