Justdial reveals 50% surge in fitness service providers listed on its platform post-pandemic

– Non-metro and metro cities saw an average growth of 78% and 31% respectively

– Listing of online personal trainers, online yoga classes and online Zumba classes have witnessed a surge of 102%, 110% and 134% respectively

– Growth in listings of Services such as Callisthenics gyms has been 95%, CrossFit gyms at 75%, while cardio fitness centres and strength training centres have grown at 100%

Bengaluru, June 24, 2024: In today’s fast-paced world, prioritising health and wellness has become more important than ever. People are increasingly seeking ways to stay fit and active, and this trend is reflected in how fitness service providers are adopting digital platforms to be discovered. Justdial, India’s no.1 hyperlocal business search engine, has witnessed a remarkable 50% growth of fitness centre listings from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic era.

The growth has been higher across Non-metro cities compared to metro cities at 78% and 31% respectively. Non-metro cities, including Jaipur, Lucknow, Howrah, and Hooghly, witnessed a phenomenal average growth of 78%, signifying a growing focus on fitness options in these previously underserved markets. Interestingly, even among metros, Kolkata takes the crown with a staggering 61% rise, followed closely by Delhi (44%), Bangalore (36%), and Pune (37%).

The data reveals a clear shift in gym offerings, with a move away from generic memberships and towards specialised fitness centres. Listings for callisthenics gyms, cardio fitness centres, strength training centres, and crossfit gyms have seen significant growth of 95%, 103%, 105%, and 75%, respectively. This trend suggests that gyms are adapting their business models to cater to consumer preferences for targeted workout programmes that address specific fitness goals.

But fitness is no longer just about exercising. Justdial’s data reveals a growing focus on holistic wellness, with a significant rise in listings for aerobic classes for cardio circuit (243%) and weight management consultants (216%). This indicates that gyms and wellness centres are expanding their service offerings to cater to a more comprehensive approach to health that goes beyond just physical appearance.

This newfound zeal for fitness has also encouraged businesses to take their offerings online, as per Justdial’s data. It reveals that listings for online personal trainers have shot up by 102%, while online yoga classes and Zumba classes have witnessed a surge of 110% and 134%, respectively. This trend reflects a continued preference for convenience and accessibility, a trend likely fueled by the pandemic’s impact on workout routines.

While major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore boast a higher concentration of fitness centres per capita, the story is far from one-sided. Hyderabad stands out with a surprisingly high number of fitness centres compared to its population, and even cities like Kolkata and Ahmedabad are witnessing a rise in options. This suggests a burgeoning fitness culture across the country, with tier-II cities rapidly bridging the gap with their metro counterparts.

Businesses are adapting their offerings to cater to the growing demand for diverse and accessible fitness options. Justdial’s data paints a clear picture of a booming fitness industry in India, and further expansion can be expected, catering to the evolving needs of a health-conscious population.


Ø Metro cities saw an average growth of 31%, top performing cities are:

§ Kolkata witnessed 61% growth

§ Delhi witnessed 44% growth

§ Pune witnessed 37% growth

§ Bangalore witnessed 36% growth

§ Ahmedabad witnessed 31% growth

§ Mumbai witnessed 25% growth

§ Hyderabad witnessed 18% growth

§ Chennai witnessed 16% growth

Ø Non-metro cities saw an average growth of 78%, top performing cities are:

§ Howrah witnessed 150% growth

§ Malappuram witnessed 130% growth

§ Jammu witnessed 143% growth

§ Hooghly witnessed 128% growth

§ Thrissur witnessed 115% growth

§ Allahabad witnessed 113% growth

§ Meerut witnessed 108% growth

§ Jaipur witnessed 86% growth

§ Lucknow witnessed 80% growth

Ø Current per capita fitness centres for every 10,000 people:

§ 18 fitness centres in Hyderabad

§ 15 fitness centres in Pune

§ 14 fitness centres in Chennai

§ 13 fitness centres in Mumbai

§ 11 fitness centres in Delhi

§ 10 fitness centres in Bangalore

§ 5 fitness centres in Kolkata

§ 4 fitness centres in Ahmedabad

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