Robotic Urology Forum partnered with Medical Institutions and Technology Leaders in Robotic-Assisted Surgery to train surgeons with the latest techniques in the treatment of Uro-oncology diseases

· The three – day conference had 210 attendees, including surgeons, post graduates, and researchers from across the country

Bengaluru, 20th June 2024: Robotic Urology Forum, a national organization of surgeons practicing the art of robotic urological surgeries, collaborated with Karnataka Urology Association, Bangalore Urology Society, leading medical institutions and technology leaders in robotic – assisted surgery to conduct the 6th Robotic Urology Forum Conference and Masterclass in Bengaluru. The conference was aimed to bring together leading experts, surgeons, and healthcare professionals specializing in the field of urology and robotic-assisted surgery. The three-day conference featured sessions showcasing live operative surgeries focused on urological procedures including partial nephrectomy, renal transplantation, and prostate cancer surgery.

The conference was organised under the leadership of Dr. Raghunath S.K, Organising Secretary, Dr. Kinju Adhikari and Dr. Ravi Taori, Joint Organising Secretaries. Dr Mahesh Desai, Head of Robotic Surgery & Medical Director at Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, and Dr N P Gupta, former head of urology department at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, were the chief guests at the event. The sessions at the conference were attended by top urologists, surgeons, and researchers exploring cutting-edge robotic urological surgery techniques.

Commenting on the successful conclusion of the conference, Dr. Raghunath S.K, Organising Secretary of RUFCON said, “This year marked the 6th consecutive year, where urologists and surgeons across India gathered to network, share insights, and delve into emerging technologies in robotic – assisted surgery. This year, we received 210 registrations, with attendees ranging from surgeons and researchers to postgraduates. We also demonstrated 15 live robotic surgeries over three days using different robotic surgical systems like da Vinci. Besides live robotic-assisted urologic procedures, there were informative sessions on Robotic Renal Transplantation, Robotic Partial Nephrectomy in complex cases, Retroperitoneal RPLND, Robotic Uretero Calicostomy etc. These sessions were led by experienced urologic surgeons from different hospitals. The conference was a huge success and all this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners.”

Emphasising on the need to train more surgeons in robotic – assisted surgery, Dr. Kinju Adhikari, Joint Organising Secretary of RUFCON said, “India has been witnessing a significant rise in the incidence of urological cancers like kidney cancer and prostate cancer. A lot of patient cases which were considered impossible to operate are now possible with advanced technologies like robotic- assisted surgery. Therefore, it is paramount that surgeons gain expertise in performing surgeries using such technologies. On the first day of the conference, Dr. Ravi Taori, Consultant Uro- Oncologist and Robotic Surgeon, HCG Hospital Bengaluru conducted a very detailed session on how to perform partial nephrectomy in complex patient cases. Sessions like these will inspire budding surgeons to learn the techniques used to perform complex surgeries and thereby enhance the adoption of RAS in India.”

Highlighting the need to organise more such conferences, Dr. Ravi Taori, Joint Organising Secretary of RUFCON said, “RUFCON served as a platform for fellow surgeons from across different hospitals in India to come together and discuss the advancements in the field of urology. These conferences become platforms, where surgeons can network, discuss their achievements, share insights into unique patient cases they have treated, and exchange knowledge about the latest surgical techniques they have explored and learnt. As more surgeons become familiar with advanced surgical technologies like robotic-assisted surgery, conferences like this has the potential to drive increased adoption of robotic-assisted surgery within India’s healthcare system, ultimately leading to enhanced patient outcomes.”

By bringing together healthcare professionals, technology leaders, and passionate surgeons, RUFCON played a significant role in promoting the growth of robotic surgery in India and contributing to better patient care. With live operative international minimally invasive surgery workshops showcasing cutting-edge procedures performed with state-of-the-art robotic systems, the conference offered an invaluable opportunity for the attendees to learn from the experts in the medical industry.

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