spider girl of patna in discussion

Some different videos are becoming viral on social media every day. But these days the video of two sisters of Patna is becoming very viral in the name of Spider Girl. People are watching and praising the video of their exploits. In the blink of an eye, the two sisters climb fast on a smooth marble pillar like Spider-Man without any support. Climbing the same 12 feet high pillar is the game of their left hand. Both sisters climb like lizards in a moment.

Please tell that Akshita Gupta is 11 years old and her sister Kripita’s age is 09 years. Both sisters are residents of Bibiganj in Danapur, adjacent to Patna.

On talking, she tells that she can climb a bigger pillar than this, the same two sisters are gathering discussion as the spider girl of Patna.

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