Your guide to buy the budget smart phone

In today’s technology-fueled world, smartphones have snaked their way into almost every living moment of human beings. Every day more people are buying smartphones, and the number of options is also increasing. But buying a smartphone is still considered a big deal in India, given that a lot of people spend a substantial part of their income in getting a good smartphone. With so many brands and models available across the price range, choosing and buying the right smartphone within budget can be a tedious task. If you are also hunting for a reliable smartphone within a budget, you have come to the right place. Below, you can find the guide that will help you to find the smartphone that will suit your requirements, dodging the pushy salespersons and navigating the comparison sites.

Do the homework first:

Before you select any phone, do your research first. You need to check first if a certain phone meets your criteria and budget or not, then compare prices online, read reviews from trusted sources and visit local stores for the hands-on experience; if there is a need. Don’t get fooled by big promotional offers or special sales. While buying a smartphone, try to future proof yourself by paying a bit more for specifications that will last a few years.

Set a budget:

You need to set your budget first. Fix your budget before buying your dream smartphone. If you do not find a good phone within your budget, you can opt for no-cost EMI. Many online shopping sites give this option. Though purchasing a smartphone with an EMI option is pocket friendly, but using this EMI facility, many people tend to buy things beyond their ability.

Focus on the features you may want to use:

Please do not rush into a new smartphone purchase. Before you actually go and buy your smartphone, there are dozens of things to consider. First, you need to understand what features you need the most in a smartphone, as it varies dramatically from person to person. Do you need lots of storage facility on your phone or a long-running battery, or a phone with a high-quality processor and superior front-facing camera? Be logical and do not get carried away by the gimmicky features and end up paying a huge amount for a feature that you are not going to use.

Pick up the perfect operating system:

Smartphone’s operating systems are the medium that lets you experience the capabilities of the device. You have plenty of choices in this department. For example, you can go for the simplicity and power of Apple’s iOs, or the flexibility and customization capability of Android. Android phones are quite cheap compare to Apple. So, if you are planning to buy anything within a tight budget, you can opt for the Android operating system.

Ergonomics also matters:

With smartphones getting bigger, many people do compromise with comfort and portability. It has been observed that people do not like to use extra-large smartphones as those can not be used one-handed and are far too bulky in the pocket. When buying your smartphone, try not to compromise on comfort and usability.

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