Artificial Intelligence “A Double Edge Sword”

The episode goes back to the 90s when IBM achieved a significant milestone when they were able to build a program that can beat “Gary Kasparov” who used to be a world chess champion.

Clearly, it’s the intelligence displayed by machines rather than living creatures. This artificial intelligence is the discipline of science and engineering for building intelligent machines that can act automatically to accomplish the required task in a complex environment.

More and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence and exploring ways to use AI for achieving excellence in multiple areas. A lot of companies like Microsoft, Google etc. are investing a lot in AI. All image recognition and speech recognition are some very basic examples. Dedicated engineering teams are continuously working to narrow down the scope in order to make smart devices smarter.

Generally, AI and Machine learning are used interchangeably but they are not the same thing. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. This means that all machine learning is AI, but not all AI is machine learning.

Machine learning is specifically focused on getting the machines to learn and adapt to their environment. It provides machines with an exceptional ability to learn based on data and in addition an ML algorithm has the ability to train a model, evaluate its performance or accuracy, and then make predictions.

For instance: It is making an immense impact on healthcare. There exist a lot of portals already active in European countries where you simply use an app that will ask you a few simple questions and give you the prescriptions.

Kindly don’t consider this as advice to avoid visiting doctors especially here in India.

So what’s the difference? why despite having almost all types of information on the internet still you are required to visit a doctor.

To understand this we should understand the basics.

We definitely agree with the fact that information is available in the form of data, in fact, a lot of data but the problem is the data that you have is unstructured and that’s where the AI kicks in and plugs that gap and brings more precise and valuable information.

Greg Froskee one of the Chief Medical Officers quoted that by 2025 one will see fewer direct appointments with doctors as AI will offload most of the tasks.

We relate these special abilities of AI to the cybersecurity landscape. Quite evidently, cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and scale for the last few years now. We saw a very sharp jump, especially during and after the pandemic.

The Key question that strikes the left side of the brain is, can AI be used for criminal purposes?

Yes, unfortunately, artificial intelligence has also empowered cybercriminals. Taking advantage of sophisticated and intelligent technology solutions, they can find loopholes in corporate IT networks and exploit the limited security capabilities of an organization.

Today we have multiple examples where World’s top companies with best-in-breed tools and competencies get to a point where they become vulnerable. That’s what AI can do leaving organisations thinking about what went wrong.

An increasing number of attacks such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and data breaches, many of them extremely costly for the impacted organizations, are generating a need for more sophisticated solutions.

Will AI be more hurtful or helpful? Well, this is an oversized game of cat and mouse between Defenders and Attackers. The question is who put AI to best use?

Planning for an AI cyberattack:

AI and Machine learning are those magical areas that are changing the whole dynamics to Detect and mitigate cyber threats. A lot depends on how good your detection technique how fast can you do the mitigation and how quickly can we bring up the forensics. Organisations should adopt and partner with quality OEMs investing heavily in AI-enabled cybersecurity solutions to defend against Cyberattacks in real-time with absolute high precision.

Nevertheless, enterprises are more courageous and investing heavily in automation to build futuristic technologies. There is definitely an interesting and exciting world ahead of us.

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