Can you get pregnant with PCOS?

As everyone is aware, September is PCOS Awareness Month. It is crucial that all women, everywhere, are informed about polycystic ovarian syndrome. Let’s look at a patient success story today who has battled PCOS for many years. At the time of the pandemic, Neeta Arora (name changed upon request) learned that she was expecting, but before she had time to adjust, she had a miscarriage.

Neeta was only 16 years old when she received her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis. She was put on medicine for a long time, and it was evident that her prospects of becoming pregnant were slim because of PCOS.

What are the challenges of getting pregnant with PCOS?

One of the most frequent reasons of female infertility is PCOS, which can cause a variety of symptoms, such as irregular periods and excessive facial hair.

Neeta confesses that the diagnosis had a significant impact on her and that she used the thought of never having children as a coping mechanism. When she suddenly became pregnant with PCOS many years later after marriage, she was completely unprepared for it. However, just as she was adjusting to the notion, she had a miscarriage.

Dr. Anubha Singh, Medical Director, IVF Specialist from Shantah Fertility Centre recalls Neeta’s case and explained that “Neeta had given up on getting pregnant naturally and had lost all hope. She was not frequently ovulating (producing an egg), according to the tests that we had conducted after conducting some preliminary research.

Fertility medicines are frequently used to women who experience infertility owing to irregular ovulation in order to stimulate the ovaries and treat the condition.

Neeta had previously been prescribed fertility medication by her doctor, and since it didn’t work, we suggested she try IVF, we suggested her IVF treatment”

Neeta Arora said: “Since I’ve never enjoyed injections and was worried about the size of the needle, I recall being really anxious in the days leading up to my first appointment. But when I visited the clinic on a day when it was open, I felt immediately at peace. It was cosy and appeared nearly domestic, most definitely not medical.”

Birthday Surprise

It was revealed that Neeta had undergone successful IVF treatment just before her birthday, in early October of the previous year, 2021, and that she had given birth to a daughter in July of 2022, whom she named Samaira.

How to Manage PCOS?

When seeking for a specific treatment, one should consult a doctor because, depending on the problem, different medications or lifestyle changes may be required. Combinations of birth control pills, progestin therapy, and other medications could be suggested by a doctor.

A balanced, nutritious food and maintaining a healthy weight are necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended to limit activities like smoking and drinking and to get as much exercise as you can. If you have PCOS, your chances of getting pregnant are not destroyed. Dr. Anubha Singh continued, “PCOS is treatable, and as an infertility expert, I would advise everyone to undergo proper screening and concentrate on their general health before starting a family.

By Dr. Anubha Singh, Medical Director and IVF Expert from Shantah Fertility Centre, Vasant vihar, New Delhi.

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