Wireless Charging Vs. Wired Charging – Which Is Better?

Electrical and electronic devices have made life a lot easier and fulfilling for us. However, just like everything else, these devices have their negative aspects. One that most of us are likely to have experienced is the miles of wires that have inundated our homes. To deal with this mess, wireless charging has emerged as a potent solution. But is wireless charging really better than wired charging? What are the pros and cons of wireless charging? To answer such questions, here’s a quick analysis of wireless charging vs. wired charging.

Why choose wireless charging?

There are several reasons why people are shifting to wireless charging. Some of these factors are listed below.

  • Easy to use – With wireless charging, you don’t have to deal with the fuss of inserting the charging jack into the device. Many times, users face problems with a loose charging port or one that is too tight. With mishandling, the ports start to malfunction, further adding to the hassle. With a wireless charger, things become a lot easier and convenient.
  • Multi-device wireless charging – With a multi-device wireless charger, you can charge multiple devices such as your smartphone, earphones and smartwatch all at once. No need to use a separate charger for each of these devices.
  • Safety – As you aren’t touching any wires while charging your devices, the risk of electrical shock is almost entirely eliminated.
  • Minimal physical damage – As no mechanical movement is involved during wireless charging, your device has close to zero physical wear and tear. That means longer life for your device.

Disadvantages of wireless charging

  • Power wastage – Wireless chargers have been accused of using more energy, as compared to wired chargers. This is true and has been proven in various experiments. From an environment perspective, it will be better to use wired charger.
  • Time wastage – When using a wireless charger, it will take longer to charge the device in comparison to the time taken by a wired charger. If you are running short of time, a wired fast charger will deliver better results.
  • Cannot use device while charging – One of the biggest imitations of wireless charging is that you cannot use the device as long as it is charging. This limitation is not there with wired chargers.
  • Costly – As of now, wireless chargers are costly as compared to wired chargers. That is why wired chargers are still preferred by majority of users.

As is evident from above points, there’s good and bad about both wireless chargers and wired chargers. The decision will eventually depend on your specific needs and preferences and your priorities.

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