How To Be Well Prepared For The SAFe Agile Interview Questions?

The most popular Agile framework in the world today is SaFe Inc’s SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework, and it was created to support ongoing company evolution. Agile itself has a rapidly expanding field called SAFe, therefore having the necessary credentials in this area can greatly improve your employment prospects. The following tips to prepare for the interview are:

Do your homework

The Safe Agilist position might differ greatly between firms, unlike the other jobs. Is this a “true” SaFe Agilist position? You owe it to yourself to figure this out as soon as possible so that you can comprehend the demands and confirm that it satisfies your own needs.

Know your basics

In the majority of SAFe Agile Interview Questions, a lot of technical questions are asked about how to effectively use SAFe. Most hiring managers are familiar enough with SAFe to question you until they uncover a flaw, or they might even consult an internal SAFe specialist to help them assess your understanding.

Showcase your passion

Showcase your dedication to lifelong learning and your aptitude for quickly picking up new abilities. You can also get ready with a story about a situation where you had to master a new ability rapidly to complete a task successfully in anticipation of this scenario. Your track record of pursuing personal improvement throughout your work is another way to exhibit your love of learning.

Prepare for case study

Using scenario-based questions during interviews and applicant evaluations is one of the favorite methods because it gives valuable insights into a prospect’s many features. The interviewer discovers how a candidate responds to a certain issue, their degree of experience, and their level of a grasp of the method or framework by using scenarios.

End it with a blast

This last piece of advice is something that most applicants do not do, but it is something to be effective throughout career. Do not merely respond to the questions that are asked of you during the interview by treating it like an interrogation.

A few common yet important SAFe Agile Interview questions are as follows: –

1.How are the SAFe and Agile Frameworks different?

SAFe is one of the frameworks that fall under the umbrella term of agile. Dean Leffingwell created this framework, which scales up previous models like Scrum to an enterprise level, primarily for large-scale enterprise projects. Agile Product Development, Lean Product Development, and Systems Thinking are its three cornerstone tenets.

2.What different aspects of built-in quality?

5 major dimensions of Built-in quality are: –

  • Flow
  • Architecture and Design Quality
  • Code Quality
  • System Quality
  • Release Quality

3.What are the core competencies in the latest version of SAFe (v 5.0)?

The seven core competencies are:

  • Enterprise solution delivery
  • Agile product delivery
  • Team and technical agility
  • Lean-Agile leadership
  • Lean portfolio management
  • Continuous learning curve
  • Organizational agility

4.What metrics does SAFe employ?

Metrics are predetermined parameters that are used to gauge an organization’s effectiveness and progress toward achieving its goals. Four metrics are taken into account in SAFe:

  • Portfolio
  • Comprehensive
  • Program
  • Team

Wrapping Up

With growing agile concepts and practices, businesses did see professionals signing up for Agile during pandemic. Because of this, a variety of agile frameworks, including the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), are now accessible for large-scale enterprise projects and there has been growth in the demand of agile certifications. So, prepare well to crack the interview and scale the ladder of success.


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