*Nikki Tamboli Emerges As The Red Carpet Fashion Queen – Here’s Why*

Actress Nikki Tamboli has been making a very strong mark for herself in in the industry. Not only with her acting choices, but even with her fashion game, Nikki is becoming a force to reckon with. With a prominent run in the South industry, the last few years have been golden for Nikki and that surely also led her to dazzle at the red-carpets. Yes, off-late Nikki has been putting forth her A-game on the style front and making many heads turn at red carpets. In fact, two of latest outfits – a chic blue silk one piece, and a black shimmer sari seem to have gotten lots of praises from people on social media.

While Nikki knows how to live up to being a part of the glamour industry, her outfits at the red-carpet certainly made her stand out. And that’s what we love about her. Talking about what fashion means to her Nikki says, “For me it is always about comfort over style, but yes I also make sure what I wear looks good on me. At the end of the day it is all about how I carry an outfit, if I am able to wear something that is gorgeous with all its grace, and still feel comfortable about it, it’s a big thumb up from me then.”

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