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Highest Paid CEOs In The World

Managing a company is no easy task, which is why CEOs are among the highest paid professionals in the world. A CEO has to shoulder several responsibilities simultaneously such as taking important decisions, strategizing the company’s growth and expansion, looking after the overall operations of the company, directing other top executives in the organization, and communicating with the board of ... Read More »

Top 5 Countries With Largest Gold Reserves

The value of currency is dependent on a country’s economy, which means it can appreciate or depreciate according to prevailing economic conditions. This is why currency cannot be termed as the real wealth of a country, especially in the long term. Several factors define a country’s real wealth such as education system, healthcare system, industrial & scientific prowess, economic & ... Read More »

What Is Difference Between Flammable Vs. Inflammable

There are many words that often tend to confuse us and one of these is flammable and inflammable. These words are generally written to caution people against the risk of fire. We usually see these words on vehicles carrying items such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG, propane, etc. So, why do some warning signs have the term ‘flammable’ whereas others ... Read More »

Which Is The Fastest Elevator In The World?

Skyscrapers are getting taller and taller every year and we are yet to define a limit for how high we can build. Living or working in these buildings is made possible by various technology integrations, one of which is elevators. These buildings are equipped with multiple high-speed elevators, which allow fast movement of men and material. Without these high-speed elevators, ... Read More »

Which Is The Fastest Bird In The World?

The only remaining descendants of the dinosaurs, birds are among the most fascinating creatures on earth. As per estimates, there are currently around ten thousand species of birds. The evolution of birds has given them some very unique characteristics, which enables them to fly almost effortlessly. These include a lightweight, yet strong skeleton, four chambered heart, and feathered wings. To ... Read More »

Does Anything Travel Faster Than Light?

To answer that question, we first have to understand what is light. Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which comprises various other forms of energy such as microwaves, radio waves, X-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet radiation. All of these including visible light are made up of photons. The thing about photons is that they do not have any ... Read More »

How To Become A Pilot?

Working as a pilot can be an exciting career, as you will be paid generously and get to travel to various destinations. However, the path to becoming a pilot is a bit complicated and confusing. There are several steps involved and you need to meet all the eligibility norms mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To make things easier ... Read More »

Which Animal Has The Longest Lifespan

Did you know that some forms of microorganisms can survive for millions of years? And what if we say that there are creatures that are immortal? Even if it may sound unbelievable, these are facts that have been scientifically proven. Nature is simply fascinating and there’s so much more that we still need to learn about it. For better understanding, ... Read More »

What’s New In Android 11?

Google has started rolling out Android 11 to supported Pixel devices and soon it will be available with other phones such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and Realme. Just like every new version, Android 11 also comes with several new features. These are expected to enhance user experience as well as improve security. To understand how the new version will be beneficial, ... Read More »

Top 10 Richest Sporting Events In The World

Sports can be a highly rewarding career, as top sportspersons easily make millions and get fame and recognition across the globe. Over the years, the prize money associated with sporting events has been consistently rising. To better understand the stakes involved, let’s take a quick look at some of the richest sporting events in the world. FedEx Cup – An ... Read More »