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BharatPe – Company Profile

BharatPe is a fintech firm, focused on enabling digital payments for small merchants. The company was launched in 2018 and is headquartered in New Delhi. With BharatPe, small merchants and retailers can accept payments from all UPI-based apps such as Google Pay, Amazon, WhatsApp, PhonePe, Paytm and Bhim. Currently there are more than 150 such UPI based apps, all of ... Read More »

Hywel Williams

Hywel Williams is a Welsh politician, currently serving as a Member of Parliament (MP) from the constituency of Arfon. Hywel is a member of Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales political party that has center-left to left-wing ideology. One of the key agenda of Plaid Cymru is to get independence from United Kingdom. The party is part of the ... Read More »

Twitch – Company Profile

An American video streaming platform, Twitch was launched in 2011. It differentiates itself from other popular streaming platforms by focusing more on live interactions with the audience. Twitch saw a significant increase in its user base during pandemic, when people were forced to stay inside during lockdown. As people sought new ways of leisure and entertainment, they migrated to streaming ... Read More »

What Are Cinemagraphs?

Something that moves is bound to catch our attention and cinemagraphs are designed for just that purpose. While a picture is usually more effective than text, cinemagraphs are even better in terms of their ability to keep viewers fixated on the content. Videos too fail to match up as a formidable adversary since they tend to create a lot of ... Read More »

How To Increase Followers On Social Media?

Once you have your social media channels up and running, the next thing you would want is to boost traffic and build a large pool of loyal social followers. Easier said than done, the task will require you to accurately assess what your audience is interested in and what are the things that would truly delight them. Here are some ... Read More »

How Long It Takes To Forget Someone?

Just like your fingerprint, iris, DNA, etc., your relationships are also quite unique. There is unlikely to be anyone else who may be witnessing the same story unfold and getting the same experiences as you are. As every relationship is an entirely new experience, it leaves a significant impact on our life. It is also one of the reasons why ... Read More »

Why Computers Are So Good At Chess?

Humans have been playing chess with computers since several decades. And just like humans, machines have continued to learn from their experiences. Initially, chess champions were able to easily defeat computers. However, things started to change with computers getting more advanced. The first major victory for computers came in 1997 when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated world champion Garry Kasparov in ... Read More »

Who Will Be The Next Superpower?

In most parts, 20th century was largely dominated by United States. Even today, United States continues to be most powerful in terms of its economy, technology, military might, international relations and cultural influence. However, things are changing fast in 21st century. Exit from Afghanistan without achieving anything credible and recent Russian attack on Ukraine indicates that US superpower status is ... Read More »

Which Country Is Cheapest To Become A Doctor?

Pursuing a career in the medical field can be quite challenging. Depending on which part of the globe you are located, you may have to pass an entrance examination. Another challenge is college fees, which is usually high in most countries. Time spent on education is also long in medical field, as compared to other streams like engineering, civil administration, ... Read More »

How To Survive A Nuclear Attack?

We live in uncertain times and the world has become riskier with nuclear weapons. A nuclear attack could come from a rogue state or it could be the work of terrorists. We have seen the devastation caused by nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There’s no certainty that something like that will not happen again. It makes us wonder what ... Read More »