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What A Man Wants In A Woman?

While it’s apparent that every man will have their own unique tastes and preferences, there are several common things that men want from their partner. When it comes to a man’s choices related to a woman, there are quite a few assumptions floating around. Not all of these may be true. To better understand how their mind works when choosing ... Read More »

Where To Invest During A War?

Humans have been fighting each other since their beginning it seems and it continues even today in 21st century. And it’s unlikely that conflicts will ever stop on a planet with limited resources. Even if you are living in a peaceful region, there is no guarantee that a war in the neighborhood won’t impact you. In today’s interconnected world, everyone ... Read More »

How Many 5G Bands Your Phone Really Needs?

When shopping for a 5G phone, one comes across quite a few options in the marketplace. As most phones have a different configuration, it makes it difficult to decide which 5G phone to choose. Some phones support just a couple of 5G bands whereas others offer multiple and even more than a dozen 5G bands. Some models of iPhone 13 ... Read More »

What People Used Before Soap And Shampoo?

Industrial revolution and technology advancements have provided us a wide array of products and services that we use on a daily basis. Surprisingly, just a few centuries back, humankind did not have access to any of such privileges. And yet, it doesn’t seem that our ancestors were faced with any major challenges. One of the most common things that we ... Read More »

Which Is Brightest City From Space?

Anyone looking at earth from space can see various details of human existence. For example, they can witness the irrigated crop fields, reservoirs, roads, railways, ports, coastline seawalls, etc. Another thing that can be easily spotted is the large cities on the planet. These may not be that conspicuous during the day. But at night, these cities provide for a ... Read More »

Which Is World’s Most Feared Destroyer?

The Navy plays an important role in conflict situations, as has been evident in wars fought over the past centuries. Modern day navy comprises several warships such as aircraft carriers, submarines, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, cruisers and amphibious assault ships. Among these, destroyers play an important role of protecting the naval fleet. These were widely used in World War I and ... Read More »

What’s New In Android 12?

After being rolled out to select Google Pixel devices last year, Android 12 is now being released for other smartphones from Samsung, LG, Realme, Nokia, Motorola, Asus, Lenovo, etc. If your phone is eligible, it may get the Android 12 update soon. The nineteenth version in the series, Android 12 was publicly released in October last year. It is being ... Read More »

Which Zodiac Signs Are The Richest?

The world of astrology may not be a pure science, but it is quite good at identifying specific traits and personalities of individuals. The descriptions based on zodiac signs are pretty close for most individuals. Astrological predictions cover many aspects such as health, relationships, career and our financial prospects. Talking about the money angle, sometimes it makes us wonder if ... Read More »

8 Amazing Facts About Taj Mahal You Should Know

Considered as a symbol of love and beauty, Taj Mahal was built in 1653. It is located along the banks of Yamuna River in Agra city, which is approximately 240 km from the national capital Delhi. Taj Mahal is currently one of the most frequented tourist spots in the world, receiving around 7-8 million visitors annually. Just as its magnificence ... Read More »

How To Become A Great Salesman?

Anyone can start a career as a sales representative, but whether or not they will survive will depend on how good they are in the art of selling. Getting into a sales job may be easy, but staying in the job is an entirely different ball game. It takes several years of experience to get it right and journey your ... Read More »