What To Do If Neighbors Play Loud Music?

Everyone has freedom to live the way they want. However, it should not come at the cost of creating discomfort or nuisance for others. One relevant example is when your neighbor starts to play loud music at odd hours. While the music is surely to the neighbor’s liking, it may not be appreciated by people living nearby.

Loud music can destroy the peace and tranquility of your personal space, something that you have the right to protect. Loud music can interfere with your everyday chores, studies, your children, professional work and your relations. If you are not sure how to deal with the situation, here’s what to do if neighbors play loud music.

Check dB limits in your city

Most cities will have a dB (loudness) limit, which needs to be followed by all individuals. The easy way is to call the cops or the noise officer, who will visit your home and check the sound level. If it’s more than the mandated limit, appropriate action could be taken against the neighbor.

However, if the noise level is below mandated limit and you still find it discomforting, you may end up in a complicated situation. The law won’t be able to help you if the sound level is within mandated limits. But there are still other options you can try, as described below.

Talk to your neighbor

It is possible that the neighbor may not even be aware of the problems you are facing. So, the first thing you need to do is let them know that you feel unsettled due to the loud music. List out all the problems you are facing such as your child’s education, your office work, etc.

This way, the neighbor will be able to clearly see your side of the story. It is possible that they may realize their fault and agree to lower down the loud music. You can also suggest alternatives to your neighbor, for example, wearing headphones instead of using high decibel speakers.

Involve other neighbors

It is possible that other neighbors in the area may also be affected by the loud music. You can approach them and form a group. You can then collectively visit the neighbor’s home and inform them about the problems being faced by everyone. Be gentle, yet firm to have the right impact. A group of people will likely have better impact in comparison to you alone confronting the neighbor.

Talk to the neighbor’s landlord

In case the neighbor is a tenant, you can lodge a complaint with the landlord. If the landlord is an understanding person, they will surely talk to the tenant to make things better. You can also invite the landlord to pay a visit to your home to experience everything in real-time.

Or you can share with them videos and proof of decibel levels to convey your point. There are various apps available on Google Play and App Store, which can be used to measure decibel levels.

Soundproof your doors, windows

If nothing works and the decibel level is below mandated limits, the only other alternative is to soundproof your home. It may be a bit costly, but can help regain your everyday peace. It will be better than getting angry and frustrated every day.

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