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Is It Okay To Masturbate After Your Marriage?

Masturbation is usually considered to be the domain of unmarried men and women. However, various surveys conducted over the years have revealed that a significantpercentage of people continue to masturbate even after their marriage. The surveys have revealed that even couples with a healthy sex life tend to indulge in self-pleasure from time to time. It’s like having the best ... Read More »

Surviving Abuse and Embracing New Relationships

Abuse can be of various kinds such as physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, coercive and financial. Depending on the level and intensity of abuse, the victim can experience a serious loss of confidence and self-esteem. While bruises may heal, the scars caused by psychological and emotional trauma may remain there for a long time. Another major loss is the victim’s ability ... Read More »

What Women Think When They Masturbate

Masturbation is a great stress reliever and it has also shown to boost self-esteem among women. As long as it is done within reasonable limits and there’s nothing weird or abnormal about it, masturbation can provide the desired release ofpent-up emotions. So, what do women actually think when they masturbate? Is it the same as men or is it something ... Read More »

When You Don’t Have Sexfor Long

Sex is nature’s bounty, a thing to enjoy and a way to propagate the human species. However, recent research studies indicate that the millennial generation is having less sex, as compared to earlier generations. Absence of sex can happen due to various reasons such as death or disability of a loved one, cancer treatment, depression, divorce proceedings, vow of celibacy, ... Read More »

Why It’s Good To Talk to Your Partner about Your Ex

It’s a general perception that discussing your past relations with your partner is counterproductive. However, this line of thought may not apply to every couple. As a matter of fact, discussing your ex with your partner can actually boost your ongoing relationship. Let’s take a look at some specificreasons, as to why talking to your partner about your ex can ... Read More »

What Not To Do On Your First Data

A first date can be highly complex and carry a fair bit of expectations, anxiety and nervous excitement. You would be having a lot many questions in your mind and may also be focusing on creatingthe right impressions. A first date can be the start of an exciting relationship, so it’s important to take a few precautions. If you are ... Read More »

Sure Signs She’s Not Into You

You may have passionate feelings about the one you love, but it’s not necessary that she also thinks alike. Unrequited love can be painful, so the sooner you get over it, the better. However, it’s not always easy since you are likely to cling on to every emotion that you believe shows her care and affection towards you. You may ... Read More »

It’s Lust at First Sight, not love!

Till now, we were led into believing that love at first sight is a true measure of real love and it has no parallel. This concept of love at first sight has been depicted across various media such as books, movies, TV shows, etc. Naturally, we grew up with the belief that love at first sight is the thing that ... Read More »

Why the Olympics HasFive Rings

The biggest sporting event on planet earth, the Olympic Games are organized every four years. The Olympics comprise both Summer Games and Winter Games, which are held alternatively with a gap of two years. The Olympics witnesses the participation of thousands of athletes from all across the globe and winning an Olympic medal is a matter of great prestige for ... Read More »

Sex During Pregnancy

Most couples wonder if sex during pregnancy would be harmful for their partners or the unborn child. While different opinions exist, most medical experts agree that sex during pregnancy is completely safe. This is especially true in case of women who have been examined by their doctor or caregiver and it has been ascertained that it’s a normal pregnancy. However, ... Read More »